Why did the City decide to rehabilitate the Pier?
The Pier, while still heavily used, is tired and damaged, with sections that are now 93 years old and showing their age. Had the City not moved forward with the project, the Pier would continue to deteriorate. It would be closed during most storm events or periods of high swell, and we would be unable to use it for events.

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1. Why did the City decide to rehabilitate the Pier?
2. Has the Pier ever undergone reconstruction like this before?
3. How many materials are used in building the Pismo Beach Pier?
4. What is the total cost of the Pier rehabilitation projected to be?
5. How long does the City anticipate this process to take?
6. Will the City boardwalk and beach also be closed at times?
7. Is the Pier going have a different shape or look different in any way?
8. How will people know when a phase has been completed and when portions of the Pier have been reopened to the public?