My Maintenance Program

One of the City Council’s top goals is to “build on the strength of our local community to preserve the City’s ‘Classic California’ charm and ensure an exceptional quality of life for residents.” Some of the priorities of this goal include:

  • Investing in neighborhoods
  • Implement community beautification strategies 
  • Deliver exceptional services to the public

To achieve this goal, city staff has developed the “My Maintenance” program. The City has been broken up into 6 maintenance zones. A map of the zones can be viewed here. A member of the City’s maintenance crew will drive your neighborhood once a month to take care of miscellaneous items, such as pulling weeds in the right-of-way, removing graffiti, and fixing broken signs. Larger tasks that cannot be completed on your routine maintenance day will be added to the work log for future completion. If you notice something in your neighborhood that you feel needs the attention of your My Maintenance professional, please email