Pismo Voice

In continuation of the City Council’s commitment to continually reach out and hear from residents to shape the future of the community, the City will soon begin soliciting input through the community engagement program known as “Pismo Voice.” Pismo Voice provides residents, businesses, and other interested stakeholders an opportunity to share their voice as the City Council prepares for the City’s next two-year budget by having meaningful and significant input to set Major City Goals and Other Important Initiatives. Unlike many cities, the City of Pismo Beach solicits resident and stakeholder input on budget priorities at the very beginning of the process and not at some point in the middle or the end.


The priorities shared from the community will be one of the most significant inputs the City Council will receive while considering priorities for the next budget cycle. Additionally, the Council will receive information on the City’s current projects/programs and fiscal condition, during the presentation at the regular City Council meeting on January 19, 2021. These three key elements will be considered as the City Council establishes the goals and budget priorities in February 2021 during the bi-annual goal-setting workshop.


Following the February goal-setting session, staff will then develop work programs that clearly describe tasks, timeframes, and required resources to achieve the Council's top priority goals. This kind of detailed information is essential in order to allocate limited resources to the highest priorities in a practical and achievable way over the two-year budget period.


Ways to Provide Input

Residents may participant and provide their input in various ways, including:


  • Participate in the online Pismo Voice survey: CLICK HERE
  • Return the survey sent in the October or November utility bill
  • Email: pismovoice@pismobeach.org
  • Mail: City Hall, Administration Offices, 760 Mattie Road, Pismo Beach, CA 93449
  • Contact us with questions: 805-773-4657


All community input received by December 18, 2020 will be compiled and presented to the City Council during the January 19, 2021 City Council meeting.

Key Dates in the Process




Community Responses Due

December 18, 2020

Community Outreach Results, Status of Current Goals, and Fiscal Outlook

January 19, 2021

Council Goal-Setting Workshop

February 2021

Council Review of Major City Goal Work Program

April 2021

Preliminary Budget Issuance: Public Hearings, Workshops

May/June 2021

Budget Adoption

June 2021


Current Two-Year City Goals: Fiscal Years 2020 & 2021


Major City Goals

  • Water Supply, Conservation and Central Coast Blue. Continue to improve the City's water supply, including conservation, with special focus on implementation of Central Coast Blue including commitments from partner agencies and public outreach and education.
  • Downtown Parking. Continue work on downtown parking solutions, including a parking structure.
  • Local Coastal Plan/General Plan/Zoning. Update the Local Coastal Plan, General Plan and Zoning, emphasizing issues important to the community, such as managed growth, appropriate design and neighborhood preservation.
  • Downtown Improvements and Pier Plaza. Continue efforts to keep the downtown attractive and prosperous, with special focus on completing the pier plaza and related improvements, and façade enhancements.
  • Bello Street and Old City Hall. Complete plans and begin implementation of police/fire station improvements, preservation of the old school house and the disposition of the public tennis courts at the old city hall.


Other Important Initiatives 

  • Bluff Protection and Beach Access. Continue work on implementing bluff protection and improved beach access, with high priority to replacing the stairway at Morro and completing Ocean Boulevard bluff protection, and infrastructure along Cypress.
  • Traffic Circulation. Continue to implement the Circulation Element with special focus on solutions to downtown traffic.
  • Community Choice Energy. Explore the possibility of instituting a community choice energy option in Pismo Beach and initiate an implementation strategy if deemed feasible and desirable.