Downtown Paver Project

The City of Pismo Beach is pleased to announce the renovation of the downtown sidewalks with pavers is expected to begin on Monday, March 26, 2018. CalPortland Construction has been selected by the City to perform the work which is scheduled to be completed on June 25, 2018. The estimate construction schedule is posted below. Check back often for any updates.

As with all construction projects residents and businesses will experience some inconveniences such as: parking restrictions, sidewalk closures, dust, and noise. The City and CalPortland will make every effort to minimize impacts and disruptions, keep you informed on the project’s progress, give advance warning of sidewalk closures, and early notices before work scheduled to be performed outside your business. “All Businesses Open” signage and access to businesses will be provided for customers and deliveries.

For questions, please contact the Public Works Department at (805) 773-4656. Contact information for the Contractor and the City’s inspector for this project are also included below.

CalPortland Construction, David VanMuyden – 805-345-3581

City Inspector, Michael Nickerson – 805-619-9035


Construction Schedule - Updated 4/9/18

Date Location
March 26 - April 5 300 block of Pomeroy (north side)
April 3 - April 13 300 block of Pomeroy (south side)
April 12 - April 24 100 block of Pomeroy (north side)
April 20 - April 30 200 block of Pomeroy (north side)
April 27 - May 9 600 block of Cypress (east side)
May 5 - May 16 200 block of Pomeroy (south side)
May 14 - May 25 700 block of Dolliver (west side)
May 28 - June 4 No Work (Memorial Day/Car Show)
June 5 - June 14 600 block Dolliver (west side)
June 12 - June 19 600 block Dolliver (east side)
June 15 - June 25 700 block Dolliver (east side)