Pismo Pier Rehabilitation

  1. History of the Pier
  2. Pier Project Details

Back in 1881, Pismo’s original wharf measured in at 1,600 feet long. It opened for business taking off from the point where present-day Main Street meets the beach. Remnants of the pilings may still be seen at very low tides. Originally, it was not planned for recreation as such—it was a commercial venture designed in part to save freight fees for South County products and was built for $14,613. The wharf was active in 1890, but in 1905 it gave way during a heavy storm.

The Pier that replaced the original was built 2 blocks South of the first Pier in 1924 and was much longer and larger that of either before or today. Major storms tore up the south side of the sea wall and took 500 feet off the end of the Pier early in its existence. This fallen portion of the Pier was never replaced. After a 1983 storm washed out most of the Pier it was rebuilt in its present 4-diamond configuration in 1985-86. Some areas of the 1985 Pier still consist of the original 1924 sections. The Pismo Pier is the 16th longest pier in California with a length of just over 1,200 feet.

1881—Original wharf opens below Main Street.

1924—New pier built in the current location.

1984—Pier rebuilt in its current four diamond layout after severe storm damage.

2017—Pier Rehabilitation Project begins. 

Pier Rendernig
Pier Project Budget